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What does a marketing creative do?

While creative marketers carry out many of the same tasks as traditional marketers, they do so by employing creative strategies. Their main duty is to combine quantitative and qualitative research to create a creative marketing plan that grabs the public's attention while upending conventional approaches. A gamified survey in place of a standard video or print campaign would be an example of innovative marketing. The interactive nature of the plan could increase consumer involvement with the product, and the availability of the survey results for sharing could aid in the organic growth of the campaign. Creative marketers, as opposed to traditional marketers, take a more comprehensive view of the customer life cycle to design and implement strategies like the one above.

Depending on the team, client, and circumstance, a creative marketer may engage in a variety of activities, but the following are typical ones:
Relating prospective initiatives to the reputation of a brand
Creating marketing strategies that can increase the impact of the promotion, such as an ad that Encourages viewers to investigate a product on their own

Developing strategies to promote consumer engagement with a brand
examining how to incorporate as many or all of a brand's marketing channels—for example, social media, print, and television—into a single campaign. recommending novel product packaging or delivery strategies studying or staying current with social media and marketing trends


A creative person is one who has a vivid imagination that they may use to come up with original ideas. Developing marketing techniques that can amaze consumers in part due to their novelty requires creative thinking, which is at the heart of creative marketing. Any member of a creative marketing team, whether they are a copywriter, designer, or director, must bring original ideas to the table rather than rehashing previously published work.

Creative Marketing Expert
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Creative Marketing Expert
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