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Google Ads

Google Ads allows advertisers to target their marketing efforts based on users' demographics and interests. for more precise targeting. This includes creating customer groups such as "men," "women," or "riders who live in a certain zip code," which advertisers can use to show different ads to different users.

Ads are displayed on the pages of websites that include Google's AdSense program. The ads appear alongside other content on those pages. The ads are also served through Google's DoubleClick ad-serving system.

Google offers several ways for businesses to advertise with them:

Display network:

This option displays ads on websites that accept all types of ad formats, including text links (text-only), banner ads (728x90 pixels), rich media ad formats (such as Flash), and video ads (468x60). You can choose from three ad sizes: small (6030 pixels), medium (9060 pixels), and large.

Types of Google Ads Course
Types of Ads 
Shopping ADs
Shopping Ads 

Search Ads
Search Ads
Display Ads
Display Ads 
Youtube Ads
YouTube Search Result Ads 
Youtube Ads
YouTube Skippable ads 
Youtube Discovery Ads
YouTube Discovery Ads 


These are the words or phrases that people type into Google Search that trigger your ad to appear. When setting up an ad campaign, you'll pick a list of keywords that you think people might search for when they are interested in what you have to offer.


This is the maximum amount you're willing to pay when someone clicks on your ad. (Since, with Google Ads, you don't pay to show up—only when someone clicks on your ad to visit your site or call you.)

Quality Score: 

This metric tells us how relevant your keywords are to your ad and your landing page (i.e., the webpage to which people will be taken when they click your ad). A high-quality score can help you save money on advertising while also improving your search ranking results. 

Best Google Ads Course
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