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Expand Your Business through Digital Marketing: Social Media Marketing, Facebook Content, YouTube, Email Marketing, and Websites.

Digital Marketing Course

What you'll learn: 

  • You'll discover how to employ hundreds of tried-and-true digital marketing methods.
  • You will strengthen your brand's identity and expand its audience.
  • You will learn how to expand your business through social media marketing on all the most prominent social media sites.
  • By taking action throughout the course, you will see concrete benefits.
  • Real-world tactics can help you improve conversions and sales.

Digital marketing necessities:

  • Prior marketing experience is optional.
  • You should be prepared to act and witness real results!

Digital marketing definition:

  • You're looking for a complete computerized advertising school to teach you everything you need to know to become an advanced advertising master, correct?
  • You've found the exclusive advanced advertising course!
  • You may use the skills you learned in our computerized showcasing course to:
  • Create your own business.
  • Get a Job in the Hot Advertising Industry
  • We're here to help your business grow by promoting content on social media, online promotion email marketing, and much more!
  • We promise that we'll do all we can to help with these computerized advertisements and Internet media promotion strategies:

    • Marking \ Sites
    • marketing via email
    • Participating in a blog
    • Copywriting 
    • Improvements to website design (Search Engine Optimization)
    • Video Marketing on YouTube
    • Facebook Pages 
    • Facebook Groups 
    • Facebook Ads
    • Facebook For Local Business
    • Ads on Google
    • Analytics Group
    • Instagram
    • Twitter 
    • Pinterest, in addition to Google
    • Live Streaming of the LinkedIn Periodic Table on Social Media
    • Podcast 
    • Quora  

What do you get if you sign up for the digital marketing masterclass?

  • Admission to the course and all updates for life
  • customized assistance and responses to your queries
  • Declaration of completion 30-day unconditional commitment—no questions asked!
  • Course in advanced marketing?
  • Downloadable agendas to help you stay on track
  • Downloadable advisors to assist you in making a decision
  • Contextual analysis to demonstrate the context of our processes

Who are your teachers?

The best part about this course is that you are both teachers! Phil Ebiner and Diego Davila have used innovative marketing to grow their six-figure businesses.

With over 300,000 students enrolled in their Udemy courses, Phil and Diego know what it takes to help top-tier newbies master extremely sophisticated advertising abilities.


You'll be making a move throughout the entire course!

You will become acquainted with the appropriate processes and systems for each part. Then, you'll see how these approaches are used in practice using contextual investigations. Finally, you'll make a move and witness accurate results!

This is an excellent time to begin utilizing. 


Whether you're entirely new out of the box and unique to these subjects or use a number of them, now is the time to make a move. Choose so you may capitalize on the abilities you discover and how to expand your business!

This course is intended for entrepreneurs, company owners, bloggers, YouTubers, and social media users. Owners of websites that wish to boost online traffic, conversions, and revenues. Anyone who wants to perform their marketing without spending money

Digital Marketing Course Content:

The Basics of Digital Marketing:

  • Download the Ultimate Content Marketing Guide
  • In 10 Minutes, You'll Understand Our Digital Marketing System
  • Where Should You Begin on Your Course Roadmap?

Define your company and audience:


  • Create a Business Worksheet
  • Define your goal.
  • 3 Brand Purpose Position 
  • Case Studies Your Company's Name
  • Amazon and Harley-Davidson 
  • Case Study Positioning Declarations
  • Define your company
  • Three inquiries
  • What is your unique selling proposition?
  • Case Study: Three or More Brands Display Their Individuality
  • Find Your Target Market
  • Where is your target audience? three inquiries
  • ITEM OF ACTION: Where is your target audience?
  • Test Your Business Concept
  • Example Case Study: Phil Polls His Audience
  • Increased Reading List.

Brand Identity: 

The Fundamentals of Branding

Case Study: 

  • Three Companies with Outstanding "Brand" Strategies
  • Graphics Creation Software
  • Brand assets provide links to valuable resources.
  • Quick Photoshop Tutorial Quick Canva Tutorial
  • Additional Reading List
  • Website Tools and Why I Use WordPress ACTION ITEM: 


  • Locate an Inspiring Website
  • Select a Domain Name
  • WordPress Course Lessons Introduction
  • Purchase and Install WordPress Using WordPress Install a New Theme Create a Static Home Page
  • Changing the site title and editing a page
  • Create and Modify a Menu
  • Putting Your Website Online
  • Writing a New Post and Organizing Your Blog Designing Your Blog Page: Excerpts vs. Full Content
  • Including a Video on Your Website
  • Personalize the sidebar
  • Modify Your Site Icon
  • Using a plugin, you may change the icon of your website.
  • Make your website mobile and responsive.
  • Personalize the Footer Information Plugins should be found, installed, and activated.
  • Creating a Website Backup Protecting Your Website from Attackers Optimize your website for search engines. Improve the Speed of Your Website: 
  • Check out Google Analytics with WordPress
  • Akismet filters spam. Link Shortened and Pretty Link Redirects SSL Certificates:
  • Protect and Encrypt User Data: 
  • Important Notice Regarding the Upcoming Lesson Forms of Secure Contact 
  • Add Social Sharing Buttons to WordPress Comments Free Email Marketing 
  • How Many Pages Do You Need? Create an Effective
  • Home Page 08:54 
  • Beginning Here (About Page) 
  • The Resources Section

Email Marketing Funnels:

  • Simple email marketing funnels
  • Email marketing software
  • ACTION ITEM: Create a Lead Magnet. Prepare Your Lead Magnet
  • Integrate opt-in forms into your website segment and tag your audience.
  • Make email sequences.
  • Improve Your Email Subject Lines
  • Reports can be used to evaluate success.
  • Case Study: How Phil Attracted 100+ New Subscribers in Under a Week

Copywriting, Blogging, and SEO: Copywriting Fundamentals

  • A.I.D.A. Case Study: An Effective Sales Page
  • 9 Copywriting Commandments
  • Improve your headlines
  • Produce high-quality content.
  • Supplemental Reading List to Help You Improve Your Website's SEO


  • YouTube Fundamentals Case Study:
  • Phil's YouTube Sales Funnel 06:39
  • SEO: View Count vs. Watch Time
  • YouTube Keyword Investigation
  • Begin designing your YouTube channel and adding channel art. Add your channel description.
  • 02:41: Create Your Channel Layout
  • 04:26 ITEM OF ACTION: Increase your YouTube subscriptions by 400% by creating your channel.
  • Verify Your Channel, Add a YouTube Channel Trailer and Other Important Settings
  • Branding, featured content, and upload defaults
  • Titles, Descriptions, Thumbnails, and Tags When Uploading a Video
  • End screens and YouTube cards
  • The Community Tab on YouTube Analytics
  • Going YouTube Live
  • YouTube's Free Music Library
  • Make a YouTube advertisement or promote your videos.
  • Social Blade allows you to spy on your competitors.
  • TubeBuddy Tutorial: How to Make the Most of Your YouTube Experience

Video Marketing: 

  • Video Marketing Fundamentals
  • Beginner Video Equipment
  • Tools to Make Your Videos Look Professional
  • Create a Video That Sells
  • Production of Video: You Need These Things to Make a Great Video, According to Bootcamp Intro
  • Create the PERFECT Video for Your Company
  • Create an AMAZING Video Idea
  • Plan Your Video Equipment Introduction
  • Camera Alternatives
  • Microphone Alternatives
  • Lighting Alternatives
  • Editing Software
  • Getting the Right Exposure
  • Create Your Shot
  • Make a Video of Yourself
  • Getting the Perfect Shot
  • Select a Background
  • Phil's Workspace
  • Smartphone Photography
  • Selecting the Best Microphone
  • Better Audio Recording in Any Environment
  • Three-Point Video Lighting Setup

Why Use Facebook Groups for Social Media Marketing?

  • Organize your audience in a Facebook group. 11:26
  • Create your own Facebook group.
  • Facebook group suggestions increase audience engagement.
  • Scheduling posts, scheduling live streams to groups, and posting types

Facebook Pages (Social Media Marketing)

  • The importance of Facebook Pages for businesses
  • Embrace Our Course, a personal Facebook group
  • Making Your Business' Facebook Page More Effective
  • Include Important Details on Your Facebook Page
  • Choosing your profile picture
  • Making an Expert Facebook cover image
  • Writing a Page's Captivating Description
  • Obtaining your Facebook page's URL and username
  • Links to Facebook Apps
  • Apps for Facebook Pages to Boost Fan Engagement
  • Perform a Facebook page query.
  • Top 9 Facebook Page Monetization Strategies
  • Learning about publishing tools
  • Planned Posts
  • Call-to-Action Button on Facebook
  • How to monitor competitors' Facebook activity
  • How to ensure your fans view every post
  • Looking into Facebook Insights
  • advertising your Facebook page
  • Four sources with no limits for royalty-free photos for your Facebook
  • Make ANY image into a clickable Facebook post.

Now! Complete the free video course on digital marketing by clicking the download button below. If you have any questions, 

 01 Introduction:

  1. Welcome! Let's Do This!.mp4 
  2. The-Ultimate-Digital-Marketing-Checklist.pdf 
  3. Learn Our Digital Marketing System in 10 Minutes-subtitle-en 
  4. Learn Our Digital Marketing System in 10 Minutes
  5. Define Your Business & Target Audience:
  6. Digital-Marketing-Masterclass-Define-Your-Brand
  7. Define Your Purpose-subtitle-en
  8. Define Your Purpose
  9. Case Study_ 3 Brand's Purpose-subtitle-en
  10. Case Study_ 3 Brand's Purpose
  11. Position Your Brand
  12. Case Study_ Amazon and Harley Davidson Positioning Statements-subtitle-en
  13. Case Study_ Amazon and Harley Davidson Positioning Statements
  14. Unique Selling Proposition-subtitle-en
  15. Personality_ What's Yours_
  16. Case Study_ 3+ Brands Show Their Personality
  17. Find Your Audience-subtitle-en
  18. Find Your Audience
  19. Validate Your Business Idea-subtitle-en
  20. Validate Your Business Idea

03 Brand Identity:

  1. Branding Basics-subtitle-en
  2. Branding Basics
  3. Case Study_ 3 Companies with Great 'Brand' Strategies-subtitle-en
  4. Case Study_ 3 Companies with Great 'Brand' Strategies
  5. Tools for Creating Graphics-subtitle-en
  6. Tools for Creating Graphics
  7. Quick Canva Tutorial
  8. Quick Canva Tutorial-subtitle-en
  9. Quick Photoshop Tutorial-subtitle-en
  10. Quick Photoshop Tutorial

04 Websites

  1. Website Tools & Why I Use WordPress-subtitle-en.
  2. Website Tools & Why I Use WordPress.
  3. Choose Your Domain Name
  4. Intro to the WordPress Course Lessons
  5. Purchase Hosting and Install WordPress
  6. Navigating WordPress
  7. Install a New Theme
  8. Add a Static Home Page
  9. Editing a Page & Change the Site Title
  10. Add and Edit a Menu
  11. Publishing Your Website
  12. Writing a New Post & Organizing Your Blog
  13. Blog Page Design - Excerpts vs._ Full Content
  14. Adding a Video to Your Website
  15. Customize the Sidebar
  16. Change Your Site Icon
  17. Change Your Site Icon with a Plugin
  18. Make Your Website Responsive and Mobile Friendly
  19. Customize the Footer Information
  20. Find_ Install_ and Activate Plugins
  21. Backing Up Your Website
  22. Securing Your Site from Attackers
  23. Make Your Site SEO Friendly
  24. Make Your Website Faster
  25. See Google Analytics in WordPress
  26. Block Spam with Akismet
  27. Pretty Link Redirects and Link Shortener
  28. Secure Contact Forms
  30. Free Email Marketing in WordPress
  31. Add Social Sharing Buttons
  32. What Pages Do You Need_
  33. Design a Home Page that Works
  34. The Start Here (About Page)
  35. The Resources Page

05 Email Marketing:

  1. Easy Email Marketing Funnels
  2. Email Marketing Tools
  3. Create a Lead Magnet
  4. Add Opt-In Forms to Your Website
  5. Create a Lead Magnet
  6. Add Opt-In Forms to Your Website.mp4
  7. Segment and Tag Your Audience
  8. Create Email Sequences
  9. Write Better Email Subject Lines
  10. Use Reports to Analyze Success
  11. Case Study_ How Phil Got 100+ New Subscribers in Less Than 1 Week

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