How Might Marketers Promote an E-commerce Site



How a marketer might raise an e-commerce website's conversion rate 

The next phase in the marketing funnel is to convert prospects into customers after they have learned about and considered the product. Conversion, or the process of persuading a potential client to perform the required action, is the third stage in the marketing funnel.

They want clients to buy their leather cases or other leather-based products for the imaginary Lirio Cases leather phone case company.

Here are some marketing techniques that Lirio Cases employ to encourage customer conversion.

Look for abandoned carts. 

A portion of Lirio Cases' consumers proceed to the last page of the checkout process and input their email address, but they do not complete the transaction. We refer to this as an abandoned cart.

Lirio Cases didn't previously pursue abandoned carts. The abandoned cart would just vanish when they allowed the customer to leave the website. They now make the decision to follow up with these customers via email. They remind the buyer of the items they added to their virtual shopping cart but did not buy in the follow-up email.

Not every email Lirio Cases sends on abandoned carts results in a sale. But some people do. These purchases raise the product pages' overall conversion rate.

Better images should be included.
Although Lirio Cases featured respectable product images, they were outdated. They made the decision to hire a professional photographer to take new product shots.

Lirio Cases provided additional relatable images known as "lifestyle shots" in addition to the typical product photos. These candid shots demonstrate how the phone cases are used in typical environments like the home, workplace, and outdoors. Verify that lifestyle images reflect the variety of potential customers.

Lirio Cases also employed a graphic designer to produce brief animations to further highlight the features of the phone cases. The animations that appear on the website assist in describing the unique characteristics of their phone cases.



To attract visitors and enable online sales, eCommerce marketers can employ social media, digital content, search engines, and email marketing.

What exactly is an eCommerce marketing strategy?

Ecommerce marketing image result

An eCommerce promoting strategy consists of the strategies you plan to use to market your online business and increase sales. The strategy may be a long setup for your online firm. It's supported your market experience, trends, client analysis, whole values, and merchandise understanding.

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