How a marketer may build post-purchase client loyalty

Businesses encourage paying consumers to become repeat customers and brand champions throughout the loyalty stage of the marketing funnel. Consider brand advocates to be the brand's spokespersons. They tell their friends and family about their purchase and how fantastic the brand is.


A company seeks brand advocates because they make passionate, enthusiastic product recommendations. This sort of endorsement is precious for a brand. Furthermore, brand advocates do not incur any additional marketing expenses!

We'll keep using Lirio Cases, the leather phone case company, as an example. Lirio Cases now has tens of thousands of clients. However, they must still implement particular techniques to establish consumer loyalty and convert them into customers.

Social responsibilities

When a person shares a brand's content with their social media followers, it is called a "social share. Currently, Lirio Cases' fans only share a little of their stuff. We have reported that Lirio Cases' Instagram posts focus on style and fashion tips. They believe that changing their content will make customers more willing to spread their material.

Lirio Cases provides monthly product giveaways to clients who post their latest purchases on social media, in addition to better social media content. Every month, one client who tags their Instagram account in a post is chosen to receive the gift.

Encourage feedback

Customer reviews demonstrate how pleased they are with their purchase. A thorough, favorable review persuades a potential buyer to make their purchase.

One element of reviews that is rarely highlighted is the brand loyalty they foster among reviewers. When a reviewer takes the time to explain why they are pleased with a product, the reviewer develops favorable thoughts about the product and strengthens brand loyalty.

Lirio Cases now shows reviews on its product pages. They do not, however, encourage buyers to provide product reviews. To generate more product reviews, they send a follow-up email to the buyer one week after the leather phone case is delivered, asking them to submit a review.

Send out freebies.

Freebies are products given to customers in addition to the goods. Lirio Cases formerly did not include freebies with their interests. Along with their items, they now have a brand sticker, a tiny magnet, and an instructional note that explains how to care for the leather product. This sort of gesture might help the company connect with the customer. Some clients would glue the magnet to their refrigerator, while others would stick the sticker to their laptop or water bottle. This public exhibition of a brand converts them into brand ambassadors. It also serves as a reminder of the brand to everyone who sees the sticker or magnet, including the consumer!

Customers should be remarketed with different items.

Lirio Cases sells items other than leather phone cases. Leather watch bands, wallets, and tablet covers are also available. They want to promote these items to past consumers to turn them into repeat buyers.

Remember that retargeting ads are given to people with prior purchases, subscribers, or website visitors. Lirio Cases chooses to offer advertising that proposes things the consumer did not purchase based on what the customer previously purchased.

For example, if a client buys a brown leather phone cover, they may see advertisements for a brown leather wallet to go with it.

Key conclusions

Lirio Cases seeks to foster client loyalty by facilitating social sharing, promoting reviews, delivering gifts, and retargeting customers with additional goods. A low-cost or free strategy to increase sales is to turn past consumers into devoted brand ambassadors.


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