Choose the right platforms for your target audience


Select the appropriate platforms for your intended audience.

Utilizing social media sites as a digital marketer is considerably different from using them individually, even if you have done so in the past. Through the use of particular social media tools and platforms, this reading will explain how to define and accomplish goals.

Aim 1: Establish relationships with your audience.

The development of relationships with consumers is one of a brand's objectives. If your brand or company has decided to prioritize relationship building as a goal or target, consider which social media channels are most effective for this. For instance, relationship development is best suited to interactive, word-based platforms like Twitter, where users communicate in brief messages and where open communication is encouraged.

This is a result of Twitter's strong emphasis on and encouragement of conversational skills. It is possibly one of the only platforms that allow brands to post numerous times each day without overwhelming their fans.
Be responsive and engaged with your audience if you want to develop relationships with them on a site like Twitter. Feel free to quickly respond to interactions with your brand and continue the dialogue. Give them friendly, sympathetic, and encouraging customer service if they are discussing you as a result of an order issue. Being true to your brand's voice at all times is arguably the most crucial thing to keep in mind while interacting with users online.

You'll develop a distinct voice that your followers will grow to know.
Pro tip: When establishing relationships, it can sometimes be beneficial to take the initiative. Actively seek out genuine connections and communication within your community of followers rather than waiting for users to contact you.

Goal 2: Seek out new clients.

An image-based photo and video-sharing site like Instagram might be useful if your objective is to attract new clients. Instead of telling them about your product, here is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate it. It is a good idea to use engaging and dynamic pictures to illustrate the story of your business and products while trying to attract new customers.

Because its users spend a lot of time on the site reading, getting inspired, purchasing, trying new things out, and doing so much more, Instagram is an efficient way to communicate the story of your brand. Additionally, it is a distinctive platform since it allows marketers to employ other users with sizable followings to further their narrative.
For instance, utilizing an approach like influencer marketing is a successful technique to reach new clients. A brand works with an online influencer to promote one of its goods or services through influencer marketing. It can be quite beneficial for attracting new clients when an influencer presents your company to their followers—a group of people who might not be aware of you yet. Running social media ad campaigns is another illustration of a successful tactic.

Advice: If influencer marketing is a priority for you, make sure your partners have audiences who will be interested in your product once they learn about it.

Goal 3: Increase website traffic

Consider using a social media site like Facebook that enables you to share articles, links, products, photographs, and reviews if you want to increase traffic to your website. Users are more likely to click on and visit your webpage if the material you are sharing feels new, is educational, and ties back to your landing page. If visitors enjoy what they see on your page, they might share it themselves, which could increase traffic to your website.

When using a platform like this, it's extremely vital to coordinate your brand's voice and graphics. If you want to increase website visits, all of your material must feel useful and relevant, and it must pull consumers in.

6 Tips for Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

Pro tip: While not all social networking networks make it easy to share links to landing pages and other content, doing so may be a wonderful method to drive traffic to your website.

Important takeaways

You will most likely prefer certain platforms over others based on your company's aims and ambitions. However, you should feel free to promote the same ideas and campaigns across many social networks. If you have goals that you believe can be met on a variety of platforms, you will still want to tailor your content to exactly what your audience on each platform wants.




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