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Freelancers, also known as people working in the gig economy, are individuals who work for a variety of sources without being bound by long-term obligations. The term "freelance" was coined in 1924 and is still a topic of discussion among today's workers.

But what exactly is freelancing? What exactly is a freelancer? This article will address all of these concerns about the types of freelancers and freelancing jobs available in Pakistan.

What Exactly Is Freelancing, and Who Is A Freelancer?

Because of the advent of the gig economy, people are talking about freelancing more than ever before. This is because there are more freelancers than ever before - according to research, 57 million Americans freelanced in 2019. According to the same report, 53 percent of employees aged 18 to 22 are self-employed.

In the United Kingdom, 1.4 million people work as independent contractors in a variety of fields. Currently, the gig economy employs approximately 7% of Europe's adult labor force or 11 million people. Because so many freelancers make their living in the gig economy, there is a high demand for freelancing skills.

Why Do You Need To Freelance?

Many changes have occurred in people's lives in recent years as a result of technological advancement and the global pandemic, COVID-19. People nowadays appear to generate money in more convenient and inventive ways. There is no longer any need to look for work outside of your home. As a freelancer, one can easily earn more money and build a career while sitting in the comfort of their own home.

Many websites nowadays direct people to make money online. People have become aware of the gig economy and the benefits of working in it as a result of the development and progression of social media in recent years.

Different Types of Freelancers in Pakistan

Companies are becoming more open to and enthusiastic about using freelancers for a wide range of tasks. As a result, freelancing has become much more acceptable for a variety of positions. If you fall into one of these categories, we've compiled a list of highly profitable freelance jobs to help you land your next big gig. What if your qualifications aren't listed? Don't be concerned. There are numerous other freelancing careers to choose from, all of which offer excellent opportunities.

1. Website Development/Coding:

Programming is one of the most in-demand jobs on the planet. In the digital age, every business, and organization’s creative endeavor requires a strong online presence.

Front-end developers create graphical interfaces with pure code, whereas back-end developers work with databases, scripting, and architecture. Any individual who wishes to work in design/development must be well-versed in the most common coding languages to thrive.

2. Professional in Marketing:

As a freelance marketer, you could manage paid Facebook ad campaigns to completely rewrite a website's content. A large and growing community of freelance marketing experts, strategists, and consultants exist.

What is it that they all share in common? Digital skills. As B2B and B2C marketing become more similar, marketers are tasked with developing, implementing, and optimizing digital strategies that span every touchpoint in the buyer's journey.

3. Copywriting/Writing:

Writing is still one of the most common vacancies in the gig economy. Companies are spending a lot of money to create high-quality editorials, blogs, manuals, press releases, and other scripted content now that it has been dubbed the king of modern marketing. Strong writing skills, impeccable grammar, and a knack for narrative are required for work as a freelance writer or copywriter.

4. SEO Administration:

Search engine optimization (SEO), also known as search engine marketing (SEM), is in high demand in the digital age. Search engine optimization, as one of the most popular freelance jobs, necessitates a wide range of skills, including knowledge of link building, long-tail keywords, Google algorithms, the Panda effect, and many others.

5. Creativity in Design:

Creative designing duties include brochure design, logo design, social media management, and web design. To be successful as a freelance designer, any individual must have a diverse portfolio that demonstrates to potential clients the type of work and quality they can provide. Experienced designers frequently have more work than they can handle, but there is a catch. Because establishing a design portfolio takes time, staying up to date on industry trends, learning new methods, and honing one's skills before becoming a freelance creative designer.

6. Public Relations/Branding Management:

There will be plenty of freelance opportunities for brand communications specialists for those who are interested. It is a broad and diverse industry that includes projects such as brand awareness campaigns and native advertising.

7. Interpretation:

Localized content is one of the most effective methods of promotion for publishers, commercial firms, and global organizations. In some states and cultures, it may also be the only way to connect with potential clients. This is where freelance interpreters can help. Professional translators, on the other hand, are not only fluent in the languages they translate into and from, but also have either educational or professional expertise in their field of translation. The best way to make a name for oneself in this field is to play to one's strengths and work related to one's experience and capability.

8. Photography and videography:

To succeed as a freelance video producer or photographer, one must first impress clients with their filming and editing skills.

The Difficulties of Working as a Freelancer in Pakistan

1. Payment Options:

In comparison to other global freelancers, Pakistani freelancers have fewer payment options. Despite the availability of Payoneer and MoneyGram in Pakistan, the ever-popular PayPal remains unavailable. As a result, the majority of freelancers continue to face difficulties working outside of their local marketplace due to a lack of direct payment options.

2. Pricing:

In Pakistan, freelancers have a difficult time claiming the feet they truly deserve. They frequently undervalue themselves and their work. Because Pakistan is still a developing country, international clients come to them for jobs that would be prohibitively expensive in their own country. Freelancers in the subcontinent are in high demand because they are not paid by the hour but by the project.

3. Banking And Insurance:

Freelancing comes with financial and health risks. One of the most significant benefits of full-time employment is access to healthcare and other financial benefits, as well as a steady, consistent regular wage.

Being hired as an independent contractor usually means that the individual will not be entitled to the same financial or healthcare benefits as employees. As a result, freelancers are on their own when it comes to financial planning and enrolling in health insurance.

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