Pinterest Marketing Strategies

Pinterest Marketing Strategies

Pinterest Marketing Strategies

I provide Pinterest marketing strategy, consultancy, and other complementary marketing services. If you can't find what you're looking for among the pre-built packages, let's talk about your company needs - I'm sure we'll work something out! 


  1. Use a headshot, not a logo
  2. Make your name easy to find  
  3. Add links to social networks
  4. Add keywords to your his
  5. Link to Facebook to find friends 
  6. Link to Twitter to find followers
  7. Let your personality shine 
  8. Top 3 people you repin appear


  1. Use creative pin titles
  2. Focus on lifestyle, not product
  3. Use keywords in descriptions
  4. Tag others using the symbol 
  5. No photo? Pin one, edit the link
  6. Bookmarklet: easy web pins
  7. Make it beautiful & visual
  8. Always credit source for pins


  1. Use playful, fun Utiles
  2. include keywords in desc 
  3. Mix content you & others
  4. Pin images from clients  
  5. Repin supporting images
  6. Create inspirational collages 
  7. Add playful images for #7
  8. Latest pin is the largest image


  1. Review other business boards 
  2. Identify Pinterest mity goals
  3. Do keyword searches for
  4. Pins, Boards, & People 
  5. Review, and evaluate results of 59, 60
  6. How are brands converting?
  7. What hoards get repined? 
  8. Is Pinterest driving traffic?


  1. Add a watermark for identity
  2. Style product photos
  3. Use natural light in photos
  4. Pin photos relating to products
  5. Not a photographer? Hire one. 
  6. Make infographic text LARGE the 
  7. Overlay the title on the photo 
  8. Pin a photo linking to a video


  1. Create a themed group board 
  2. A group scavenger hunt of pins
  3. Ask for colleague repins
  4. Promote joint vent
  5. Curate Blestyle boards 
  6. Hast a board tour
  7. Throw a Pinterest Party! 
  8. Crowdsource product


  1. Clients pin product photos
  2. a Pin and photo of the tag brand to win
  3. Host board scavenger hunt 
  4. Monthly board contest
  5. Mast repined board wins 
  6. Pin an image of the contest rules
  7. Integrate w/FB, Twitter, YT 
  8. Client videos use the hashtag


  1. State source when pinning
  2. Display URL on images
  3. Use Creative Commons bookmarklet for via & hot tip
  4. State copyright on the website 
  5. Pinned w/o credit? Aside
  6. Fear obscurity, not piracy 
  7. Use copyright symbols
  8. Always credit photos

Setting up a Pinterest account

With this bundle, you can create a Pinterest business profile if you don't already have one.

What it contains:

New business account opening or personal account conversion
Activating rich pins and verifying the account
Niche keyword analysis
Up to 10 personal boards that are pertinent to your market
SEO profile and board optimization
specialized accounts to follow
three branded pin designs
Setting up a Tailwind account (if applicable)

Your investment: $450. * 

The cost without setting up a Tailwind account is $400.

Account optimization for Pinterest

A successful Pinterest marketing plan must include an optimized account. You may lay a solid foundation for growth with the aid of a Pinterest account assessment and optimization.

What it contains:

overall evaluation of the Tailwind, Pinterest, and current strategy accounts
Application of suggested adjustments (for up to 20 boards)
Up to five optimized niche-specific message boards
applying to up to three Tailwind communities with specialized offerings (if applicable)

comprehensive report and a keyword bank with additional tips for your account and website to assist you in starting to expand on Pinterest.
Email assistance for one month following optimization
Your outlay is $497.


Pinterest Strategy "Intensive" is a premium service designed for business owners who enjoy "playing on Pinterest" but are unable to source that aspect of their selling strategy or lack the ability tocannot develop and implement a thought that will produce results.
In unspoken language, attempting to wear all of the hats during a business could leave you feeling bowed down and even on the verge of burnout.
The Pinterest Strategy "Intensive" can help you fully harness the ability of the platform and make Pinterest work for you if you have determined that you want to keep your hat on Pinterest for a bit longer (or forever, if you like Pinterest as much as I do!). Pinterest is a powerful online marketing tool. Learn how to use Pinterest for business, and grow your audience on this social media platform.

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