Direct Marketing 

Direct Marketing

The total of activities by which the seller direct effort to target an audience using one or more media to solicit a response via phone call email, the internet personal visit from prospective customers

Types of Direct Marketing 

Types of Direct Marketing

  1. Direct Mail 
  2. Catalogs 
  3. Broadcast Media 
  4. Print Media 
  5. Telemarketing 
  6. Direct Selling 

Database Marketing 

  • Use specific information about individual customers and/or Prospective to implement more effective communications selling.
  • Improve selection of Target Market.
  • Encourage repeat purchases.
  • Cross-sell other products and services.
  • Develop one to one relationship with the customer 

Direct Mail 

Marketing uses mail service to deliver a promotional printed piece of your target audience.


Catalog Marketing is a one-to-one communication between the marketer and prospect or customer you can say that most at-home shopping takes place through catalogs.

Broadcast Media 

Spreading Advertising (to all connected devices) without Specific Targeting like Direct response, Advertising Ads, infomercials, TV, and Cable network

Print Media 

Print Media is one oldest and basic most forms of communication it includes newspapers, magazines, banners, graphics, posters, and other forms of printed material.


Contacting Qualifying and conversing with prospective customers' newspaper demonstration demonstrations and using and customer the internet. it does not include direct mail marketing.

Direct Selling 

Face to Face  Presentation demonstration and sale of products or services usually at the home e or office of the prospect by an independent direct sales representative.

Benefits of Direct Marketing 

  • Convenient 
  • Easy to use 
  • Private 
  • Greater Product access to the selection 
  • Ready to Access the wealth and interactive.
  • Immediate and interactive 

Benefits to Seller 

  • Powerful tools for Building Customer Relationships.
  • Offer Low Cost Speedy ways to reach the market including the business market.
  • Improve efficiencies and speedier handling channel and logistic functions.
  • Offer greater flexibility.
  • Give access to the buyers that could be reached related through others channels.


  • Selective reach. 
  • Segmentation Capabilities.
  • Frequency. 
  • Flexibility. 
  • Timing.
  • The measure of effectiveness.
  • Focus on Limited resources and Target promotion.
  • Can be personalized marketing.
  • Easy to test different messages.
  • Cost-effective if the customer database is well managed.


  • Image Factor.
  • Accuracy 
  • Content Support 
  • Rising Cost 
  • Response rates vary enormously.
  • Ineffective campaigns can be costly.
  • Negative Image of junk mail and mail Spam.
  • The database is The database extensive databases extensive maintenance and keeps accurate.

Direct Marketing Strategies 

1. One-Step Approach:

Direct Marketing media use directly to solicit orders.

2. Two-Step Approach:

To generate first efforts to screen, qualify, or show interest in a potential buyer's follow-up to achieve an order or close a sale, multiple efforts are used. 

Challenges of Direct Marketing 

To overcome such challenges, direct marketing has to be convincing enough to win over the trust and belief of the customers. Direct marketing is no stranger to marketing challenges, as is the case with other marketing channels, which are mostly encountered to prCorrectcorrect the oxide actionable advice on what you can do to overcome them.

 1. Getting Frequency Right 

Direct marketing, or direct mail, has shown time and time again that it is one of the most efficient means of marketing for high engagement and return on investment (ROI), which is largely dilated by getting the frequency with which you send mail just right. Send it little by little, and you will not maintain that connection with the customer.

 2. Keep Your database up to date. 

One of the principal challenges for any company that keeps records for a large number of customers is keeping their details up-to-date and accurate.

3. Are you using Correct the  Marketing Channels?

Customer address in your database It doesn't mean that direct mail is the right way to market to them.


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