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Earned, Owned, and Paid Social Media Services by ND Marketing Services, We'll go over the different types of digital media and how they can fit into your social media campaigns in the five pillars of social media marketing. You already know about the three types of digital media: earned, owned, and paid. Including all three of these media types in your social media campaign can help increase brand awareness, diversify how your audience interacts with your brand, and boost sales.

Let's go over what you've learned about each of these media types so far and look at how you can incorporate earned, owned, and paid media into your social media strategies. Let us begin with earned media. A personal or public promotion of a brand or product is considered earned media. Customer-generated marketing is referred to as "earned media."

When a customer tells a friend about your product, posts on a social media platform or blog, or writes a review, they are creating earned media for your brand. One of the most effective marketing channels for generating earned media is social media.

Customer reviews and testimonials; mentions and comments on social media platforms; shares, retweets, and likes of your posts; content about your business on third-party sites; blog posts about your business; and user-generated content related to your business are all examples of earned social media.

User-generated content (UGC) is any content created by individuals rather than corporations. Text, videos, images, and reviews are all examples of user-generated content.

Assume you are in charge of a social media campaign for a company. socks for sale If customers post photos of themselves wearing your company's socks on social media, this is an example of user-generated content and earned media.

One of the many benefits of earned media is that it is natural. Any social media activity that does not require paid promotion is considered organic social media. The foundation of your social media strategy will be organic social media.

Let's talk about owned media. Owned media refers to all of the digital content that a brand fully controls; websites are one of the most common forms of owned media.

Blog sites and social media profiles like your brand and your company to command the social media conversation about your brand.

When your brand owns a media property, it decides what type of content to publish, how frequently it will be published, and how users will interact with it. You can also use owned media to market specific products or services on social media.

Publishing compelling owned media on a regular basis can result in more earned media. Then there's paid media.

Paid media is any type of digital promotion that a company pays to have placed online. Remember that paid social media is the fifth pillar of social media marketing. Advertising on social media Paid social media can also aid in promoting your content in order to generate more earned media and drive traffic to your owned media properties. Your social media marketing efforts will all include significant amounts of owned, paid, and earned social media. Together, they can raise brand awareness, produce leads, and boost sales when carefully deployed.

Throughout this course, you'll learn more about how to include these media formats in your social media efforts. Advertisements include image ads, video ads, story ads, and influencer marketing. Paid social media marketing allows your brand to reach customers who aren't actively looking for it. Facebook or Instagram profiles, and community forums are examples of owned social media.



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